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Julia Chuquis

Julia Chuquis is an Australian born contemporary artist.

Her artwork is exhibited in art galleries throughout Australia and seen in various media including the upcoming Hollywood film staring Zac Efron and John Cena.


Julia describes her artwork as a fusion between interior design and subconscious creation, her inspiration stems from her love for nature.

Julia's artworks are large statement pieces, from delicate layers to gestural brush strokes, organic shapes, textures and mark making in acrylic and oils. 

When painting, Julia feels connected to the energy source that powers the universe. She shows her gratitude by hoping to capture the moment’s essence onto the canvas. 

Featured in..


Ricky Stanicky.jpg
up coming Hollywood film 
New York's Time Square digital exhibition
Screen Shot 2022-12-23 at 11.07_edited.jpg
Artwork Spotlight for _A New Season_
Leading Magazine Publications
The Block TV series, Winning House 5 & House 3
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